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Happy Home Clinic: your design and wellbeing destination

What is Happy Home Clinic? Whatever happened to the old name? And why did it change? I’m here to tell you all about my recent rebranding. 

Discover my new brand name, logo, and tagline as part of an exciting brand identity refresh. Happy Home Clinic is your design and wellbeing destination. Read below to discover why! 

Meet Happy Home Clinic!

I’m delighted to share with you that I have rebranded my business and website as Happy Home Clinic! It feels refreshing to use a name that aligns with my mission and ethos. 

A brand name that can tell a story of its own. 

Whether you’ve followed me for a while or it’s the first time you pop by — welcome! I’m here to share the story of a rebrand that means so much to me. And I hope it brings you clarity and excitement, so you decide to join the Happy Home Clinic family!

What is the reason for this rebrand?

Let’s go back to 2017 when this website was born as a blog called Boreal Abode. My focus was on home decorating and interiors, with a touch of mid-century modern and Scandinavian design. 

Over the following year, I developed a keen interest in biophilic design and the science of wellbeing. So I specialised in those fascinating topics. This shift in focus and identity, from blogger to service provider, meant that the old name wasn’t right anymore. It didn’t match the vision that I had for my business. 

The Ogundehin test

There was a particular moment that did it for me. When I realised the name had to change.

It was at the Amara Interior Blog Awards ceremony in late 2018. The Great Michelle Ogundehin, the former Editor of Elle Decor, announced my blog’s name as the winner in the Best Newcomer category. She looked down at her paper and she wasn’t sure how to pronounce Boreal Abode. She even apologised to me later, when I should be the one apologising!

As David Bowie sang, “the moment you know, you know you know.”

Branding experts always talk about the “Siri test”: if Siri can understand you when you say the brand name, you’re good to go. The old name may have passed the Siri test. But if it can’t pass the Ogundehin test, who is the indisputable expert in the field, it’s time to move on.

I’m forever grateful to Michelle Ogundehin for opening my eyes (and ears).

Happy Home Clinic: behind the new name 

So, why “Happy Home Clinic”? Well, I’ve read a lot about best practices for naming in my industry, consulting and coaching. And I could have gone two ways: stick to my name, Juan Sandiego, or come up with a unique brand name. I chose the latter. 

Happy Home Clinic is a simple, short and relevant name. It’s easy to spell and pronounce. Most importantly, it communicates a specific result – joy and balance at home – rather than the means. The name itself doesn’t tell you how you get there. It simply shows you that’s the goal I want to help you achieve. 

This opens up an amazing opportunity to touch on my two core services, interior design consultancy and wellbeing coaching. And the name Happy Home Clinic embraces both like a big colourful crochet blanket.

“I help design-conscious renovators create a balanced home and lifestyle, so they can live happy and stress-free”

Juan Sandiego

What about the new tagline?

The new tagline is “Design your wellbeing.” To be honest, I’m no copywriter. So, I’d be lying if I told you those three words came to me in a meditation session whilst in the depths of an ancient forest. 

Following a lot of trial and error, I found “Design your wellbeing” is ideal for the new brand name. It includes two relevant keywords — design and wellbeing — and hints at how I can help you achieve balance and joy. 

The tagline features the same dual meaning Happy Home Clinic benefits from. I can design your wellbeing, from the biophilic design and home decor point of view. But also, I can help you design a plan to improve your wellbeing. Using healthy habits, positive psychology techniques and coaching support. 

A new visual identity

This is the fun bit! The logo brief was simple: an easy-to-read wordmark that fits the current website’s colour scheme and design. 

It’s obvious to assume yellow is a must-use colour because it means happiness. However, if you’ve read my colour psychology in interior design post, you know that these colour associations are cultural and personal.

Instead, I chose a crisp green combined with matching earthy green tones. Green is one of the very few colours that have a truly universal meaning. Nature, which plays a prominent role in biophilic design and the science of wellbeing. 

The wordmark itself is straightforward with clear, yet playful, typography. It features a little smile that, if you look closely, looks like it has been painted with a paint roller. I love how I can adapt it and use it against any kind of background.

Simple, yes. But so versatile!

So, what’s next for Happy Home Clinic?

The name and visual identity may have evolved, but my purpose is the same. I want to help you find your happy at home. So I continue to provide bespoke interior design consultancy and wellbeing coaching services. Let’s book a free Discovery Call to see how I can help. 

“It’s not about the dream home or the perfect life. I can help you become your best self, and create a beautiful home that supports your wellbeing”

Juan Sandiego

Soon, I will provide practical webinars and workshops to help you decorate your home with style and with your wellbeing in mind. Interested? Join the waiting list to be the first to know

And of course, you will still find in-depth articles in my award-winning blog. By the way, if you want even more design tips and life hacks, make sure you join my popular mailing list to receive exclusive content in your inbox.

I hope you find the transition seamless. This is the name that was always meant to be, and now it’s a reality. But will the new brand name pass the Ogundehin test?

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Juan Sandiego

I’m an Interior Advisor and Wellbeing Coach with a passion for design and the science of happiness. I help home renovators create their ideal home and lifestyle so they can live happy and stress-free.

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