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Wellbeing meets Design

Happy Home Clinic offers home renovators expert advice and inspiration on how to create the lifestyle and environment they deserve. If you want to make your house a home — and live a happy, meaningful life — then you’re in the right place.

I believe that you can design your ideal lifestyle and create a happy place, no matter where you are on your renovation journey. Here you will find the free Home Detox Checklist to get started, and when you need expert help, I offer bespoke one-to-one consulting and coaching services (which you can try for free!)

Plus, discover plenty of home decor tips, easy wellbeing hacks and practical how-to articles in my award-winning blog and popular mailing list.

“I help design-conscious renovators create a balanced home and lifestyle, so they can live happy and stress-free”

Juan Sandiego

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Who is Juan Sandiego?

Hi, there! I’m Juan.

I live in a small Victorian terraced house in Cardiff, Wales. But I was a nomad for a long time: from a tatty seaside B&B to a mould-riddled flat. This made me realise what makes a house a home, and how indoor spaces can make you feel great — wherever you may live!

It’s the magic blend of good design and simple wellbeing habits.

Your Interior Consultant and Wellbeing Coach

I’m passionate about interiors inspired by nature — biophilic design — and the science of happiness (aka positive psychology). This led to the creation of Happy Home Clinic back in 2017 as a way to document my ongoing learning process.

Since then, I’ve been featured on BBC One, My Domaine, Living etc, The Spruce and Reclaim magazine to name a few. And my advice-packed blog has won an industry-leading Amara Interior Blog Award.

Now I use my specialised interior design and coaching skills to help home renovators find balance and joy at home. I can show you how easy it is to nurture your wellbeing. And I can design your home based on the proven mood-boosting principles of biophilic design.

Unlock your happiness at home

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I can show you how to make your home one-of-a-kind and create stylish spaces that boost your wellbeing, one tip and life hack at a time.

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Design your ideal home and life

Your home and life are like a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece of furniture and every healthy habit has the potential to positively impact your wellbeing.

You deserve a life and a home you truly love and are proud of. A life of balance and meaning. A home that brings you joy and supports your wellbeing.

I offer one-to-one expert Interior Design Consultancy and Wellbeing Coaching services to help you design your ideal home and life.

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