Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle with Wellbeing in Mind

At Happy Home Clinic, I’m here to guide home renovators with expert advice, helping you craft the life you deserve through thoughtful design and wellbeing. If you aim to transform your house into a welcoming home and live a truly joyful, purposeful life, you’ve found your perfect match.

I believe you can design your dream lifestyle and create a happy home, no matter where you are on your renovation journey. Start with my free “7 Days to Better Sleep” guide. When you need expert help, try my personalised coaching services, absolutely free!

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“I help design-conscious renovators create a balanced home and lifestyle, so they can live happy and stress-free”

Juan Sandiego

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Meet Juan Sandiego

My cosy Victorian terraced house in Cardiff, Wales, stands in contrast to my nomadic past, from tatty seaside B&Bs to mould-riddled flats. These experiences revealed the essence of a home and the magic indoor spaces can bring, no matter where you live.

It’s the enchanting blend of thoughtful design and simple wellbeing habits.

Your Home Renovation & Well-being Coach

I’m fueled by a passion for nature-inspired interiors — biophilic design — and the science of happiness (also known as Positive Psychology). This passion birthed Happy Home Clinic in 2017, a platform to share my continuous learning journey.

Since then, I’ve been featured on BBC One, My Domaine, Living etc, The Spruce, and Reclaim magazine, and my advice-packed blog has earned the prestigious Amara Interior Blog Award.

Now, I utilise my specialised interior design and qualified coaching skills to help home renovators discover balance and joy in their homes. I’ll demonstrate how nurturing your wellbeing is simpler than you think. And I’ll help you design your home based on the proven mood-enhancing principles of biophilic design.

Unlock your happiness at home

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Design Your Perfect Home and Life

Picture your home and life as a delightful puzzle. Every piece, from furniture to healthy habits, positively impacts your wellbeing.

You deserve a life and home you genuinely love, filled with balance, meaning, and joy, supporting your wellbeing.

I offer personalised coaching to help you create your ideal home and life.

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